Semliki Chimpanzee Project

Assistant Project Director Contract


[Please read the following closely, sign, return, and keep a copy for yourself]


My signature below indicates that I acknowledge or agree to the following:


1.1  Release from responsibility for injury or death.  I understand that the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve (TSWR) is a remote, wild locale, and that while it is safe enough that it hosts a thriving tourist business, it has some inherent dangers.  The reserve is populated with wild animals, some of them dangerous.  Occasionally poachers enter the reserve.  The government of neighboring Congo is unstable, and refugees, criminals and rebels sometimes stray into Uganda.  Diligent safety precautions are taken by authorities including SCP staff, and the Uganda Wildlife Authority, I understand that neither the Semliki Chimpanzee Project (SCP), Kevin Hunt, T-SWR administration (i.e., SWR warden's office), nor the government of Uganda can guarantee my complete safety during my stay in the reserve.


1.2  Movement in the reserve.  I agree that in order to assure my own safety, I will not walk in the SWR out of sight of the research camp unaccompanied.  Two people are much safer than one.


1.3  Administrative infrastructure.  I acknowledge that I am in the TSWR as a guest of the TSWR administration (i.e., TSWR warden's office), the Semliki Chimpanzee Project, Kevin Hunt, the Semliki Safari Lodge, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the government of Uganda.  I acknowledge that any of these entities may demand that I leave the reserve.  I agree to leave if so requested. 


1.4  Tourism in the Reserve.  SCP has long sustained a warm and collaborative relationship with the Lodge.  I agree to interact with tourists who may view the SCP study population for approximately an hour a day in a welcoming and professional manner.   I agree that I will accompany tourists who wish to view chimpanzees when asked to do so by the Lodge.  I will make every effort to be courteous and helpful to tourists.  Part of the responsibility of tourist activity is to provide them with information on the forest and the chimpanzees.  Tourist viewing is limited to 4 tourists viewing chimpanzees for 1 hour per day. 


1.5  Tenure at SWR.  I agree to commit 6 full months to the project, from _______________ to



1.6  Work schedule.  As availability of staff, Rangers and equipment status allow, I commit to work 6 days per week on the Semliki Chimpanzee Project, 48 hours per week, barring sickness and with the exception of earned vacation time.


1.7  Vacation.  Volunteers accumulate 2 days of vacation time per month of service completed.  Accumulated vacation time may be taken at any time that is not detrimental to the aims of the SCP.  Normally this means not during times of personnel transition.  Vacation time should be planned so that a game guard, another researcher or someone else can continue SCP duties while I am gone.  Vacation planning should be discussed and coordinated with Kevin Hunt as much in advance as possible in order to avoid an absence during a particularly difficult times.  I accept that vacation days are not given in advance of accumulated time except in unusual circumstances.  Vacation time cannot come at the end of one’s 6 month tenure, as it conflicts with transition duties necessary to train the replacement assistant.


1.8  Data collection responsibilities.  I agree to collect all data for the project and to keep detailed field notes during my stay.  I agree to return the SCP spreadsheets and SCP related research notes over to Kevin Hunt at the end of my tenure.  They are the property of the SCP.


1.9  Research reports.  In addition to keeping field notes, I agree to mail a summary of SCP activities once a month, and to submit this report both to Kevin Hunt and to the Warden of the TSWR.  In these reports I will provide a daily summary of my activities and research findings that includes:

      1.  Whether I searched for chimpanzees that day or not

      2.  Location where chimpanzees were searched for

      3.  Number of hours in the bush searching

      4.  Whether chimpanzees were heard, or other same-day sign of them was discovered

      5.  Number, age and sex of chimpanzees seen for entire day

      6.  Number of minutes chimpanzees were observed

      7.  Number of tourists accompanying me.

      8.  Minutes chimpanzees were observed by tourists.


      A typical day's summary might be as follows: 

            May 15, 1997: Entered Mugiri at main entrance at 6:10 am, exited at 3:15 pm. 

            Five chimpanzees were observed

            Total observation:  1 hour 23 minutes.

            Feeding on Cynometra pods and unidentified foliage


**EVERY SINGLE day must be accounted for, whether chimpanzees are seen or not.  If chimpanzees are not searched for on any one day, the date must be written out with a notation "no searching".**


2.0  Publication of SCP and other data.  Any data I collect for the SCP is solely the intellectual property of Kevin Hunt and the SCP.  I agree that I will publish results of any research conducted on the chimpanzees and their habitat in the T-SWR only in conjunction with Kevin Hunt and the SCP.  Kevin Hunt and SCP have a number of long term research initiatives and a substantial investment in chimpanzee research at Semliki.  New research projects must be integrated with research already in place.  I will not collect data in the reserve on my own initiative without permission from Kevin Hunt and/or SCP. 


2.1 Documentation of expenses.  I agree to keep receipts for every expense related to the project, and to turn over these receipts along with an Excel spreadsheet documenting expenses when my term is over.  Specifially, a signed receipt must be presented for every expense.  Indiana University does not recognize “miscellaneous expenses” or “cash” or “project expenses.”  Each expense must have its specific signed receipt.  Money wired to the APD must add up exactly to receipted expenses.  Any discrepancy must be covered by the APD.  Note in particular that tips cannot be covered by project funds.   I will keep receipts for all funds disbursed from the account and submit these receipts to Kevin Hunt.


2.2  Administrative responsibilities.  I recognize that as the SCP Assistant Project Director, I will be frequently the only SCP administrator in the reserve.  Among the personnel who may be supervised by volunteers/assistants are trail cutters, rangers and other volunteers.  I agree to keep track of hours SCP personnel work, to distribute salaries to assistants in keeping with contracts or agreements, to keep receipts for all funds disbursed, and to make whatever unpredictable efforts are necessary to keep the daily research effort on track.  I acknowledge responsibility for keeping equipment, including the 4WD vehicle, in good condition by making or arranging for timely repairs.  I understand the I may be called upon to hire new personnel, to fire personnel who have performed poorly, and to discipline other workers who are not performing up to standard.  In other words, I acknowledge that I am responsible for every aspect of the SCP when I am the only SCP representative on site.  Currently SCP is obligated to pay 1 game guard.  Two trail cutters are employed routinely.  Other disbursements may be made as approved by Kevin Hunt.


I take responsibility for the SCP funds and their fair and honest management.  I will keep receipts for all funds disbursed from the account and submit these receipts to Kevin Hunt.


2.3  SCP vehicle use.  The SCP vehicle, a Toyota Surf Runner is currently out of commission.


2.4  Other equipment use.  Equipment is to be returned to SCP or GWG at the end of my tenure at T-SWR.


2.5   Guests.  Assistants may not invite guests to TSWR or the research camp without permission from both the Warden and Kevin Hunt.  Approved visitors will pay to the Semliki Chimpanzee Project $350/month for students and $450/mo. for others to support the project, in addition to all park fees; fees may be pro-rated per day. 


2.6  Travel expenses.  Once in the reserve, excepting the need to travel on SCP business, I will be responsible for the cost of travel whenever I leave the reserve.


2.7  Compensation.  I understand my stipend will be $150/month.  At the conclusion of my complete six month term, after all receipts are turned over to Kevin Hunt, and after all data spreadsheets are turned over, and in accord with the accounting requirements of Indiana University, which includes furnishing an original reciept, airfare I will be reimbursed for my airfare.



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                                                Signed _____________________________ Date_____________