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Chimpanzee ID Sheet

Mugiri Community Chimpanzee ID                                                                                       (Hunt, July 2011)



1.  Aye-Aye [AAY] (seen Jan 2011) formerly named Lefty, suspect synonymous with Sacha
            Bald spot: no bald spot
            Ears: big ears, no notches
            Face: grey, with pink discoloration on eyelids
             (like eyeshadow) and left side of face
            White beard
            Brows arching, rounded; not prominent
               as can be seen well from lateral view
            Gray hair on head
            Testicles: grey-black, hairy; faint pink scrotal line
            Lower back: bald patch on lower back with grey above; area around anus black, anus bright pink
Ear Notches                       None
Missing digits: Fifth on left hand, left hand seems to be smaller
and is held in a bent manner; 4th finger stiff
(therefore Aye-Aye, after the Malagasy lemur). This is hard to see when he is
holding on to branch.  Maybe he has a snare injury.
Scars:  Left hand misshapen

Other: He looks very similar to Vernon, but has not got the ear notch!
He is still shy, but ok when in a tall tree.

2  Bahati  [BAH]
            Old (est. age:  35)
            Stout Body Build
            Hair a little ratty/patchy looking
            Scapular profile visible through hair, shiny
Ear Notches                      None
Scars:                             None
Missing Digits:                 None

3.  Bloomington [BTN]

            Prime Male
            Ears bent forward             Short face
Ear Notches                  None
Scars:                          None
Missing Digits:              None



4.  Brooklyn  [BKN]
            Prime Male
            Splotchy, mottled black, brown
              and tan face
            Bald spot
            Distinctive silver hair on back
              of right thigh
Ear Notches                       Left ear
Scars:                               None
Missing Digits:                 None


5.  Bryan [BRY]
            Old Male
            Thighs “straight” (Alimos note); looks knock-kneed,  human like
            Small body size

Ear Notches:  None
Scars:                                None
Missing Digits:  None

6.  Buzz [BZZ] (seen Jan. 2011)
            Very old appearing male
            Grey hair over entire body
            Thin head hair, sometime appearing to be buzzed
                           Samson saw Buzz and Aye-Aye together
                              late in 2010 (had been doubt whether
                              they were the same individual)
Ear notches: none
Scars: none
Missing digits: none



7. Charles  [CHL] (ID by MTH July ‘09) Seen Jan 2011
            Bigger build
            Skin discoloration/ lighter - oval spot just below the side of
              his left eye, splotches on brow
            Black face
            NO testicles (undescended?)
            Small bald spot
            Ear notches: none
Ear Notches        None, but left ear appears pointy from lateral view
Scars                  Upper right lip, raised spot
                           NO testicles
Missing digits:   None




8.  Christophe [CPH]        Old Adult (IDed by CD, April 2010)  Seen June2011
            Bald spot: small
            Ears: big ears, pointy
            Face: black, longish, long grey beard, big jaw, very
              wrinkly around eyes which are close together
            Testicles: extremely large, with pink scrotal line
            Missing digits:  None
            Other: Long hair on shoulders, a bit like American football
            shoulder pads; generally very long hair on head, shoulders beard,arms




9.  Fuller [FLR] (Seen Jan 2011)
            Bulky body build

            Face dark
            Whitish lump by left eye
            Black upper body,
              brown hindquarters,
              rump whitish brown,
            Lower body shaggy
            Small ears
            Flat crew-cut crown
            Pronounced dimples on cheek
            Flat face in profile
            Short face hair
            Bald patch
Ear Notches                     None
Scars:                             None
Missing Digits:                 None


10.  Golem (GLM) male (IDed by BK, March 2011)
Bulky body build
Narrow but distinct bald
Black hair
Black face with wrinkles around eyes
Distinct eyes arcs
Eyes „hidden“ in orbits, rather close to each other
Wide nose
Ears bend forvard
Black testicles

Ear Notches                       None
Scars:                                None
Missing Digits:                 None

11.  Jacko  [JKO] (Seen Jan 2011)
            Young adult  (ID CD April 2010)
           Bald spot:small, short hair on top of head

            Ears: small, round, BROWN ears
            Face: black, white beard on lower jaw
            Testicles: Seemingly NO testicles, black scrotum
            Lower back
            Missing digits: None

  • white hair on back of both hands, like gloves
  • head is very sqare and flat on top, a bit Frankenstein-esque, especially when viewed from below.
  • very well habituated, tolerates close human presence in trees an on ground without being alarmed. can be followed well on the ground.

            Missing digits: none
            Ear notches: none
            Scars: none, but no testicles


12.   Kali [KLI] (ID by MTH Aug 2009; not seen since?)                                                
            Old Adult
            Long face
            Short brow ridge
            White beard
            Black body hair
            Bald spot with grey hair on edges
            Dark face except for RED discoloration
                    -Notably lower brow ridge, left cheek, lips
            Patchy thin hair on grey hands
            Very worn teeth

Missing digits: none
Ear notches: none
Scars: none


 13. Kull [KUL]  (ID’ed by David Samson 6/08)  SEEN JAN 2011
            Prime male
            Hair: Neck seems to have mane
            Head: Triangle shaped bald spot
            Splotchy, pink-ish face
Ears: sleeked back, small notch in left
Scars: Ninja star shaped on right side of face
Missing Digits: none
            Left hand, middle finger, entire last digit skin
            Visibly discolored – pink/tan



14.  Latham  [LTM] (seen Jan 2011;   Ided by KDH 5 July 2005)
            Young Prime male
No bald spot
            Face a distinct mahogany red-
            Very regular, perfect features
              except slightly long face
            Jaw somewhat square
            Black hair, long smooth

Ear Notches                    None
Scars:                             None
Missing Digits:                 None


15. Mandarin   [MDN]    male (IDed by JV, BK Feb. 2011)
Wide triangular bald spot
Light brown testicles
Short face
Pigment discolouration forming black streaks on face
Lower jaw lighter, some grey hair on chin
Prominent eye arches
Few long white hairs on eyebrows
Right nostril seems to be slit upwards
Ear Notches                       None
Scars:                                None
Missing Digits:                 None



16.  Mauer [MAU]  (ID’ed by Webster Nov 08) (seen Jan 2011)
            Old adult
            Gray hair
            Left ear folded
            Distinctly double-arched brows

Ear Notches                    None
Scars:                            None
Missing Digits:                 None



17.  Mitani  [MTN]  (ID’ed by Webster Nov 08)
            Prime Male
            Infinity-shaped bald spot
            Black Face
            Scars: Small scar on right side of forehead

Ear Notches                     None
Scars:                             None
Missing Digits:                 Unreported; please do best to see them!




18.  McGrew [MCG]  (seen Jan 2011)
            Prime Male (ID’ed by Webster Nov 08)
            Infinity-shaped bald spot
            Brown Face
            More robust than Mitani
            Missing digits: unreported



19.  Mzee [MZE]   Prime Male (Alimosi, 2008)  (seen Jan 2011)
            Possibly alpha
            Brows pointy or visor-like over eyes
            Black hair
            Wide face
            Square ears
            Pink-ish spot on left upper lip
            Wide face
            Ear notches: none
            Scars: none
            Missing digits: none


20.  Nishida  [NSH] Young Male (size of adult, but still subadult?)
            Estimated birthdate: 1996
            Brown face
            “8” shaped bald spot, yielding a concave
              appearance to top of head
Distinctive bi-lobed ears
            Angled flat spot on lateral brow
            Ear notches: none
            Scars: none
            Missing digits: none


21.  Randy [RND] Adult Male
            Pink lips
            Black face
            Hair lighter brown on back of legs and
              grayish brown on back from midway down
            Distinct ischial pads
            No spots on testicles
Ear notches:                       Right unscarred; left? (unreported)
Scars:                                None
Missing digits:                  Missing great toe on right foot


22.  Sacha [SCH]  Prime Male (est. age late 20’s in 2005)
            Lower back with white band across
               area just above anus/ischial pads
            Ear Notches           None
            Scars:                    None
            Missing Digits:     None

23. Seneca [SNC], male (IDed by BK, March 2011)
Wide triangular bald
Black fur, longer on shoulders
Bulky body buil, robust in shoulders
Dark brown face without visible wrinkles
Dark brown hands and feet
Short face
Eyes rather close to each other
Narrow nose
Big ears making face triangular in shape
Short white beard
Dark rather small testicles

Ear Notches                       None
Scars:                                None
Missing Digits:                 Feet - none
                                      Right hand - unreported
                                       Left hand - one digit of first finger ?

24. Soko [SKO] (Sokwe Mtu)    Adult  (ID by MTH July 2009)  (seen Jan 2011)
            Black face
            All black hair except gray “goatee”
            Small white spot underneath left eye
            Cheeks appear sunken – as 1 deep pock on left cheek
                     and 2 on right
            Possibly a small mole above left brow within
                    bald spot, difficult to see
            Large lt. brown and black splotchy testicles

Ear Notches                None
Scars:                        None
Missing Digits:            None



25. Tusker  [TKR]    Adult (ID by MTH July 2009) (seen Jan 2011)
            Light brown face, brown feet
            Dark brown hair
            Brow ridge distinctly curves around lateral
                 sides of eyes, appears as he is wearing
                 goggles and eyes appear darker from shade
            Bald batch is bi-lobed with a tuft of hair continuing
                 through the middle
Ear notches: upper left ear folded backward
Scars: none reported
Missing digits: all fingers, toes not reported

26.  Vernon  [VRN]      Adult (ID by MTH July ’09) (seen Jan 2011)
            Short, grey, thinning hair on the top of his head
                           Baldness more noticeable on left of head, however
                           No distinct bald patch
            Lighter hair around face and chin
            Dark face
            Large testicles
            Gorilla-like nose with nostrils more vertical than most
            Ear notches: left ear
            Scars: none
            Missing digits: left pinky finger, little stub remains


27.  Weiss (“Fluffy”)  [WSS] Prime male
            Hair very light (for a chimp)
              light gray-brown
            Hair curly and disheveled looking
            Ear Notches           None
            Scars:                    None
            Missing Digits:     None


28.   Wrangham   [WRG]       Young adult male (2009) (seen Jan 2011)
            Estimated birthdate: 1991

            Face brown with black webby pattern, esp. under zygomatics
            Distinctly brown hands, feet
            right ear like a Pringles chip, bent forward in
              middle (see sideview, right)
            Ears look thinner on bottom from front, thinner
               on tip from side
            Left ear has undulating surface
            See bald patch shape
            Ear notch: none
            Scars: Distinct line on right upper lip when light is right.
               Scar?  Deep wrinkle?
            Missing digits: none

29, 30, 31:  Unconfirmed, Alimosi believes there are three males without scars, missing digits or other identifying marks that he has seen together.  KDH (19 July, 2012): these may be Nishida, McGrew and Mitani, but Alimosi believes not.


Subadult Males

HUNTER [HNT] sub-adult male (ID MTH Oct 2009)
            Tan face, dark brown fur
            White/lighter hair around butt
            Brown hands
            ‘Beard’ and some grey hair goatee
            Wrinkly face with noticeable deep wrinkles
                                          appearing on either side of nose
            sparser hair around neck and underside of arms
            eye ridge continues around edges of eyes
            Ear notches: none
            Missing Digits: none
            Scars: none

Pupil [PPL] young male (IDed by BK, March 2011)

Dark brown fur
Some white hair around butt
Brown hands and feet
Light brown face with some discolorations
Pink spots on left side of face, above upper lip
Narrow nose with small nostrills
Big ears, left squared
Short white beard

Ear Notches                       None
Scars:                                None
Missing Digits:                 None



Alimos  [ALM] Late middle age female

            Distinct Bald patch
            Ear Notches           None
            Missing Digits:     None


Pinky  [PKY] Adult multiparous female

            Dark face
            Distinctive Pink lips
            Further pink mark above lips on left
            WHITE beard
            Black hands, feed


Marchant  [MCH] Adult (ID MTH Aug 2009)

Large female, stout
Black hair, black face
Top of head appears flat
Brow ridge only extends over eyes in between eyes, otherwise
   sort of molded into skull
Bald spot
Wider face
Missing digits: none
Scars: none
Ear notches: left ear none, right ear unreported



Virginia [VGV] Adult, multiparous (IDed by CD, April 2010)
Dependent infant: Sofi, female, 2-3 years old (April 2010)
Bald spot: no bald spot, very short hair on head like Buzz
Ears: big, bent forward ears.
Face: black, gorilla like nose
Swelling:  ?
Lower back:  ?
Missing digits:  ?