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How do I volunteer?

SCP welcomes—indeed, we rely on—volunteers. The director of the project is Prof. Kevin Hunt, but he is typically in the reserve only one or two months a year. Most of the year the project is run by an APD, and Assistant Project Director. APDs supervise local staff, manage project money, curate SCP equipment in the reserve, maintain research camp, track chimpanzees, collect the data for the project's ten research initiatives, and enter data. APDs must commit to a six month stint; their living expenses and transportation to and from the reserve are covered by the project, and they receive a modest monthly stipend. APDs are asked to front the cost of their transportation, which is then refunded by the project after the APD completes his or her entire six month tenure and submits project data. Previous APDs have been college graduates with experiences in conservation or primate behavior. To apply for a position as APD send a current CV and the names of three references to Prof. Hunt at

There are only two APD positions per year, so these positions are limited. We are grateful for other volunteers, though they must pay their own transportation costs and living expenses in camp. Camp is small and we can only accept a few volunteers per year. We expect all those who share the chimpanzee experience to share also some of the costs of chimpanzee research and conservation. Currently, we charge volunteers US $350 per month for students and $450 per month for others. You may pro-rate your contribution at US $12 per day. To volunteer please send a current CV and the names of three references to Prof. Hunt at