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PDFs of Hunt Publications (still under construction; permissions pending)


Chimpanzee Ecology and Social Behavior (senior author in italics)

1987b                H. Takasaki and K.D. Hunt.  Further medicinal plant consumption in wild

                           chimpanzees?  African Study Monographs  8(2): 125-128. PDF

1991b                 R.W. Wrangham, N.L. Conklin, C.A. Chapman and K.D. Hunt.  The significance

                           of fibrous food for Kibale Forest chimpanzees.  Philosophical Transactions of

                           the Royal Society (B)  334: 171-178. PDF

1992c                 C.A. Chapman, L.J. Chapman, R.W. Wrangham, K.D. Hunt, D.L. Gebo and L.J.

                           Gardner.  Estimators of fruit abundance of tropical trees.  Biotropica 24(4):

                          527–531. PDF

1993                  R.W. Wrangham, N.L. Conklin, G. Etot, J. Obua, K.D. Hunt, M.D. Hauser and A.P.

                          Clark.  The value of figs to chimpanzees.  International Journal of Primatology

                          14: 243-256. PDF

1998c                 R.W. Wrangham, N.L. Conklin-Brittain and K.D. Hunt.  Dietary response of

                           chimpanzees and cercopithecines to seasonal variation in fruit abundance.  I. 

                           Antifeedants.  International Journal of Primatology19: 949-970. PDF

1998d                 N.L. Conklin-Brittain, R.W. Wrangham, and K.D. Hunt.  Dietary response of

                           chimpanzees and cercopithecines to seasonal variation in fruit abundance.  II. 

                           Macronutrients.  International Journal of Primatology19: 971-998. PDF

1998b                D.C. Cook and K.D. Hunt.  Sex differences in trace elements:  status or self-

                          selection?  In:  Gender in Palaeopathological Perspective, A. Grauer & P.L.

                          Stuart (eds.)  Cambridge University Press, pp. 64-78. No PDF available.

2000                  K.D. Hunt.   Initiation of a new chimpanzee study site at Semliki-Toro Wildlife

                           Reserve, Uganda.  PanAfrica News.  7 (2): 14-16. PDF

2002                   K.D. Hunt and W. C. McGrew.  Chimpanzees in dry habitats at Mount Assirik,

                           Senegal and at the Semliki-Toro Wildlife Reserve, Uganda.  In:  Behavioural

                           Diversity in Chimpanzees and Bonobos, C. Boesch, G. Hohmann and L.F.

                           Marchant (eds.)  Cambridge University Press, pp. 35-51. No PDF available.

2002                   T. O’Mara and K.D. Hunt.  The Semliki Chimpanzee Project.  The Newsletter,

                            Primate Foundation of Arizona, 13(2): 1. No PDF available.

2003a                 Toshisada Nishida, Nadia Corp, Miya Hamai, Toshikazu Hasegawa, Mariko

             Hiraiwa-Hasegawa, Kazuhiko Hosaka, Kevin D. Hunt, Noriko Itoh, Kenji Kawanaka,

             Akiko Matsumoto-Oda, John C. Mitani, Michio Nakamura, Koshi Norikoshi,

           Tetsuya Sakamaki, Linda Turner, Shigeo Uehara and Koichiro Zamma.  Demography, female

            life history and reproductive profiles among the chimpanzees of Mahale.  American

            Journal of Primatology59 (3):  99-121. PDF

2007a                 A. Matsumoto-Oda, M. Hamai, H. Hayaki, K. Hosaka, K.D. Hunt, E. Kasuya, K.

                         Kawanaka, J.C. Mitani, K. Norikoshi, H. Takasaki and Y. Takahata.   Estrus

           cycle asynchrony in wild female chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii

         Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology61(5): 661-668. PDF

2007b                 W.C. McGrew, L.F. Marchant, K.D. Hunt. Ethoarchaeology of manual laterality:

                           well-digging by wild chimpanzees. Folia Primatologica78(4): 240-244. PDF

2007c                 K.E. Langergraber, H. Siedel, J.C. Mitani, R.W. Wrangham, V. Reynolds, K.

                            Hunt and L. Vigilant.  The genetic signature of sex-biased migration in

                            chimpanzees and humans.  PLoS ONE, 2(10):  e973. PDF

2010                   W.C. McGrew, L.F. Marchant, C. Payne, T. Webster & K.D. Hunt.  Chimpanzees

                           at Semliki Ignore Oil Palms.  PAN Africa News 17(2):  19-21. PDF

2010                   R.R. Patrick, D. Patrick and K.D. Hunt.  Long term changes at the Toro-Semliki

                           Wildlife Reserve.  In:Long Term changes in Africa’s Rift Valley: impacts on

                           biodiversity and ecosystem. A.J. Plumptre (ed.)  NOVA Science Publishers. PDF

2008                   C.L.R. Payne, T.H. Webster and K.D. Hunt.   Coprophagy by the semi-habituated

                            chimpanzees of Semliki, Uganda.   PanAfrica News.  15 (2): 29-32. PDF

2009                   T.H. Webster, Phineas R. Hodson and K.D. Hunt.  Observations of the

                           Grooming Hand-Clasp Performed by Chimpanzees of the Mugiri Community,

                           Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve, Uganda.   PanAfrica News.  16(1): 5-7. PDF

2011                   K.D. Hunt.  Is Lethal Violence an Integral Part of Chimpanzee Society?

                           Psychology Today Web Logs, April 14, 2011.  PDF


Chimpanzee Locomotion, Posure and Functional Anatomy (senior author in italics)

1991a                K.D. Hunt.  Positional behavior in the Hominoidea.  International Journal of

                          Primatology  12(2): 95-118. PDF

1991c                 K.D. Hunt.  Mechanical implications of chimpanzee positional behavior. 

                           American Journal of Physical Anthropology  86: 521-536. PDF

1992a                K.D. Hunt.  Positional behavior of Pan troglodytes in the Mahale Mountains

                          Mountains and Gombe Stream National Parks,  Tanzania.   American Journal

                           of Physical Anthropology  87(1): 83-107. PDF

1992b                K.D. Hunt.  Social rank and body size as determinants of positional behavior in

                          Pan troglodytesPrimates  33(3): 347-357. PDF

1994b                D. M. Doran and K.D. Hunt.  The comparative locomotor behavior of

                          chimpanzees and bonobos:  species and habitat differences.  In: Chimpanzee

                          Cultures,  R.W. Wrangham, W.C. McGrew, F. de Waal and P.G. Heltne (eds.). 

                          Harvard University Press: Cambridge, pp. 93-108. No PDF available.

1994c                 K.D. Hunt.  Body size effects on vertical climbing among chimpanzees. 

                           International Journal of Primatology  15: 855–865. PDF

1996b                K.D. Hunt, J.G.H. Cant, D.L. Gebo, M.D. Rose, S.E. Walker, & D. Youlatos.

                          Standardized descriptions of primate locomotor and postural modes.  Primates 

                           37: 363–387. PDF

2004                   K.D. Hunt.  The special demands of Great Ape locomotion and posture.  In:

                           Evolutionary Origin of Great Ape Intelligence, A.E. Russon and D. Begun

                           (eds.).  Cambridge University Press, pp. 629-699. PDF

2006                  K.J. Carlson, D.M. Doran-Sheehy, K.D. Hunt, T. Nishida, A. Yamanaka, and C.

                          Boesch.  Locomotor behavior and long bone morphology in individual

                          free-ranging chimpanzees.  Journal of Human Evolution50 (4): 394-404. PDF


Human and Primate Paleontology (senior author in italics)


1986                  K.D. Hunt and V.J. Vitzthum.  Dental metric assessment of the Omo fossils:

                          Implications for the phylogenetic position of Australopithecus africanus

                          American Journal of Physical Anthropology  71: 141-155. PDF

1987a                C.L. Brace, K.R. Rosenberg and K.D. Hunt.  Gradual change in human tooth size

                          in the late Pleistocene and post-Pleistocene.  Evolution  41: 705-720. PDF

1990a                C.L. Brace and K.D. Hunt.  A non-racial craniofacial perspective on human

                          variation:  A(ustralia) to Z(uni).  American Journal of Physical Anthropology 

                          82(3): 341-360. PDF

1990b                C.L. Brace, M.L. Brace, Yukio Dodo, K.D. Hunt, W.R. Leonard, Li Yongyi, Shao

                          Xiang-qing, Sood Sangvichien and Zhang Zhenbiao.  Micronesians, Asians, Thais

                          and relations: A craniofacial and odontometric perspective.  Micronesica  Suppl.

                          2: 323-348. No PDF available

1991                  C.L. Brace, D.P. Tracer and K.D. Hunt.  Human craniofacial form and the

                          evidence for the peopling of the Pacific.  Proceedings of the 14th Congress of

                          the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Bulletin 11: 247-

                          269. No PDF available.

1991                  C.L. Brace, S.L. Smith and K.D. Hunt.  What big teeth you had grandma! 

                          Human tooth size, past and present.  In: Advances in Dental Anthropology, M.

                          A. Kelley and C. S. Larsen (eds.).  Wiley-Liss:  New York, pp. 33-57. PDF

1993                  K.D. Hunt.  The mosaic lifeway of the early australopithecines: piecing in some

                          fragments from the world of the chimpanzee.  Anthroquest 47: 3–7. PDF

1994a                K.D. Hunt.  The evolution of human bipedality: ecology and functional

                          morphology. Journal of Human Evolution  26: 183-202. PDF

1996a                K.D. Hunt.  The postural feeding hypothesis:  an ecological model for the

                          evolution of bipedalism.  South African Journal of Science  92: 77–90. PDF                                       

1998a                K.D. Hunt.  Ecological morphology of Australopithecus afarensis: traveling

                          terrestrially, eating arboreally.  In:  Primate Locomotion:  Recent Advances, E.

                          Strasser, J.G. Fleagle, H.M. McHenry and A. Rosenberger (eds.).  Plenum: 

                          New York, pp. 397-418. PDF

2003b                K.D. Hunt.  The single species hypothesis:  truly dead and pushing up bushes, or

                          still twitching and ripe for resuscitation?  Human Biology75 (4): 485-502. PDF

2006a                K.D. Hunt.  Australopithecines, australopiths.  In H.J. Birx (ed.)  Encylopedia of

                          Anthropology.  Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, California, pp. 311-317. PDF

2006b                K.D. Hunt.  Bipedalism.  In H.J. Birx (ed.)  Encylopedia of Anthropology.

                          Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, California, pp. 372-377. PDF

2007                  K.D. Hunt.  Sex differences in chimpanzees foraging behavior and tool use: 

                          Implications for the Oldowan.  In: The Oldowan: Case Studies into the Earliest Stone

                          Age. Nicholas Toth & Kathy Schick (eds.) CRAFT Press, Bloomington, Indiana. PDF

2010                  R.F. Kay, K.D. Hunt, C.D. Beeker, G.W. Conrad, C.C. Johnson and J. Keller.

                          Preliminary notes on a newly discovered skull of the extinct monkey

                          Antillothrix from Hispaniola and the origin of the Greater Antillean monkeys. 

                          Journal of Human Evolution, 60(1): 124-128. PDF


Human Functional Anatomy (senior author in italics)

1998a                K.D. Hunt, V.L. Dean, D.W. Fitting, and L. Adler.  Ultrasonic determination of

                           the elastic modulus of human cortical bone.  Medical and Biological

                           Engineering and Computing 6: 51–56. PDF

1998b                M.W. Marzke, N. Toth, K. Schick, S. Reece, B. Steinberg, K.D. Hunt, R.L.

                           Linscheid, and K.-N. An.  EMG study of hand muscle recruitment during hard

                           hammer percussion manufacture of Oldowan tools.  American Journal of Physical

                           Anthropology  105: 315-333. PDF


Other Publications (manuscripts available on request)

n.d.                      K.D. Hunt.  C. Loring Brace IV.  Program:  Evolution, History and Biological

                            Anthropology.  American Association of Physical Anthropologists annual

                            meeting, Oakland, March 30, 1995, pp. 9-12.

2002                    K.D. Hunt.   Primatology as a career.  In:  A Guide to Careers in Physical

                            Anthropology, A. S. Ryan (ed.)   Greenwood Publishing Group:  Westport,

                            pp. 85-107.

2003                    V.J. Vitzthum and K.D. Hunt.  Frank Livingstone honored at AAPA meetings. 

                            Evolutionary Anthropology, 12(4): 161-163.