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Volunteers (Under Construction)

We have been fortunate to have welcomed many volunteers to Semliki over the years.  I am grateful to them all, but I have fallen out of touch with many. Volunteers: please email me a brief biography if you'd like it posted on this page (

Joel Bray and lemursJoel Bray is an undergraduate at Duke University studying Evolutionary Anthropology. His research interests include the evolution of cognition and social behavior. He has studied chimpanzees, lemurs, hamadryas baboons, and humans.

Alex Cagan

Duncan Stibbard Hawkes

Phineas Hodson

Abby Kearney

Cari Lewis

Hector Manthorpe

Alex Page

Deb Patrick

Randy Patrick

Charlotte Payne

Gil Ramos

Alicia Rich

Samantha Russak

Clint Schipper

Austin Senteney

Aisling Wilson