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Visiting the Chimpanzee Project

Many Assistant Project Directors want to invite friends and family to share their experience at Semliki. Guests find walking the trails in the Mugiri forest, viewing chimpanzees from close range and living in chimp camp surrounded by wildlife for a few days to be extraordinary experience.

We ask guests who share these experiences with us to support the project when they visit, both because there are extra expenses when guests are in camp, but more importantly because we expect all those who share the chimpanzee experience to contribute to chimpanzee research and conservation. Currently, we charge US $350 per month for students and $450 per month for other visitors. You may pro-rate your contribution at US $12 per day. Please contact me to make arrangements (, and make your check payable to The Semliki Chimpanzee Project. There will be small Conservation Area fees charged by the Ugandan authorities (UWA) as well.