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Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve Chimpanzees

Detailed descriptions of each community can be found under the "chimpanzees" menu item. Briefly, there are three and perhaps four separate chimpanzee communities in the reserve.  In the middle of the reserve the study population is found along the flanks of the Mugiri River and its tributaries. In the far northeast a separate community, though certainly much reduced if not eliminated by habitat destruction, can be found along the banks of the Muzizi RiverMap of reserve placing it in Uganda and East Africa. In 1998 nests were still to be seen there, but since then the forest had been virtually destroyed by illegal logging; it is not certain that any chimpanzees survive.

In the west a population can be found in forests flanking the Nyabaroga Valley.  Pant-hoots are still heard there by Reserve staff, and there is no reason to believe the individuals there are threatened.

Chimpanzees are often seen and heard along the Wasa River, but it now seems likely that these chimpanzees are part of the Mugiri community.