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Indiana University Bloomington
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Financial Contributors

Prof. Kevin Hunt and the students and staff of SCP are deeply grateful to the financial contributors who have sustained the project over its long life. We are looking to the future, but without the generous support of these contributors, the project would not exist. Thank you.

Private Gifts

The Hunt family

Linda Marchant

Bill McGrew

Robert J. Meier

Mark Nielsen and Melanie Ebdon-Nielsen

Corporate Gifts

Heritage Oil Company

Institutional Grants

National Science Foundation

SGER BNS 97-11124 (1996)

BCS 98-15991to Kevin D. Hunt (1998)

CRAFT (Center for Research into the Anthropology Foundations of Technology), Indiana University (1997)

Indiana University University Graduate School (1996, 1999, 2002)

Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences (2005)

Indiana University Faculty Research Support Program (2009)