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Other Chimpanzee Pages of Interest


Noel Rowe's chimp imageAll The World’s Primates, a comprehensive resource for researchers, students, and anyone interested in humans’ closest relatives:



Bushmeat Crisis Task Force:

Great Apes Survival Project:

Great Ape Trust. A research organization made famous most by Kanzi and Sue Savage-Rumbaugh:

IUCN. Details about why and how chimpanzees are threatened:

The Jane Goodall Insitute. Gombe chimpanzees, conservation messages and more:

The Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, dedicated to saving wild chimpanzees:


African Ape Study Sites:

Budongo chimpanzee conservation and research:

The Duke University Jane Goodall Institute Research Center. The research wing of Goodall’s work:

Fongoli chimpanzee research. The most successful of dry-habitat chimpanzee studies:

Goulago Triangle Chimpanzee Project, in Congo:

Great Ape Trust. A research organization made famous most by Kanzi and Sue Savage-Rumbaugh:

GreenPassage. Tetsuro Matsuzawa’s research and conservation project at Bossou:

Kibale-Kanywara Chimpanzee Research:

Leverhulme Center for Human Evolutionary Studies:

Mahale Mountains National Park:

Max Planck Institute. Gateway to the Tai chimpanzee field site, Christophe Boesch’s research, and science conducted at the Leipzig Zoo:

Ugalla, Tanzania chimpanzee research. One of only three dry-habitat chimpanzee sites:

The World of Chimpanzees. Site associated with Kyoto University chimpanzee research:

Rescue Centers and Sanctuaries: Saving Chimpanzees One Orphan at a Time

The Center for Great Apes in Florida emphasizes rescue, rehabilitation and permanent care it provides an opportunity for volunteers, interns and professionals seeking a meaningful, intimate experience:

Chimp Haven in Louisiana ia A rescue center that takes on former pets and research animals:

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is located on a 26-acre farm in the Cascade mountains, due east of Seattle. CSNW is one of only nine sanctuaries in the country that cares for chimpanzees; CSNW was founded in 2003 to provide sanctuary for chimpanzees discarded from the entertainment and biomedical testing industries:

Chimps Inc. in Oregon is a sanctuary specifically designed to provide lifetime care to captive chimpanzees. We are dedicated to overcoming exploitation and cruelty that they and other captive wild animals face through advocacy, education and conservation:

The Fauna Foundation works to provide rescue and a permanent home for animals—including chimpanzess—that have been used, neglected, abused or rejected by humans:

The Primate Rescue Center occupies some 30 acres in central Kentucky, with buildings and grounds designed to afford the animals a quiet, sheltered place to spend their lives. The centerpiece of the sanctuary is a state-of-the-art chimpanzee enclosure—currently home to 11 chimps.  SCP feels a particular kinship with this center, former SCP assistant Rachel Weiss worked her after her stint at Semliki:

Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center occupies over two square kilometers and is currently home to 72 chimpanzees and five to eight humans at any one time. It employs 25 Cameroonians from local villages who serve as chimpanzee caregivers, round-the-clock security guards and groundskeepers:

Save the Chimps has two sites, in Florida and  New Mexico; it provides safety, privacy, lifetime care, freedom from exploitation, and the best captive care possible to the chimpanzees who live at the Sanctuary:

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sancturay in Sierra Leone runs a chimpanzee rehabilitation programme meant to provide a safe home for orphaned and endangered chimpanzees:

Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Congo is dedicated to giving over 140 traumatized orphan chimps, often sick, malnourished and close to death, a second chance at a happy, full life: